We help you with your Amazon relevancy by:

  • Ad targeting through Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Marketing Services.

  • 24/7 monitoring bid management modified to your goals and unique competitive landscape.

  • Increase your organic rank on Amazon by enhancing & refining your product listings. Additionally, enhancing keywords regularly.

  • Optimize photo quality and appeal for your customers, while following Amazon's guidelines.

  • Continual keyword query mining to identify opportunities to increase your campaign CTR & impressions to get your product in the right customer's hand.

  • We maintain full awareness of your product inventory and Amazon buy box eligibility to keen campaign competitiveness.

  • We take the time to understand your business & brand to develop an Amazon ad campaign plan aligned to your goals.

Some Of Our Creations

5 Facts all Amazon sellers should know

1. Amazon’s Search Engine Work Differently From Other Search Engines

Amazon’s search engine is constructed differently than search engines such as Google or Bing, practices to get ranked will be much different than traditional SEO tactics.

2. Keyword Research is Vital

Since Amazon’s product rankings are intended to provide the best possible options for purchase to its customers, targeting the right keyword variations and thinking like your customer will be a huge factor for sales.

3. A Picture Can Be a Deciding Factor For Purchase. Especially Your First Photo.

You can significantly improve your rankings and chances of a sale by having professional photos in your listing. Abide by Amazon's photo guidelines and get that white background.

4. Sales and Good Reviews Matter Most

Good reviews work wonders for your sales and account reputation. Let's face it, ultimately sales are the number one factor in ranking well on Amazon.

5. Amazon Detects Fraudulent Tactics

If you try and pay for reviews or place misleading information on your listing, you run the risk of having your Amazon account suspended or shut down.

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