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DEGOM Marketing is a digital marketing agency that provides online marketing services, such as our most popular service, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search engine advertising and more.

The team of DEGOM Marketing provides a complimentary digital marketing consultant and manager. This allows for a flawless one on one relationship that will expand your online and social presence. We will create a strategy that tailors your marketing goals. Using powerful competitor analysis tools, and absorbing your industry knowledge, will be the perfect combination for an interior design digital marketing strategy.

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Social Media Marketing & Management 

Do you spend a ton of money to generate new leads or keep existing clients? Social media can be a huge asset in your competitive interior designing market. People love a story, and using social media can give them just that. Want to know something not many businesses do? You do not need a massive budget with Social Media Marketing.

Nowadays, every industry is using social media to grow their business, organizations and even individuals are using the influencing power of social media. Using this marketing avenue for your interior designing business is how you reach people today. It is how you can attract people. And, this is how you get new customers that have never been reached before. Your other marketing campaigns can quickly inflate your marketing spend. Let the team of DEGOM Marketing help you set up your Social Media Marketing Strategy for your interior design company.

Search Engine optimization for interior desginers

Not getting any traffic to your website? We have a great solution. For an excellent ROI on your website, it’s not only important to show up in search results, but to rank at the top. About 60% of people click on one of the top three results that appear in an organic search. 75% percent won’t even look at anything after those search results. This should let you know how important Search Engine Marketing for your business truly is.

This is why there’s a tremendous amount of competition for those valuable top spots in search results. Interior design companies with the greatest success invest in an Internet Marketing agency. When you choose our online advertising services, your interior design website becomes more visible to people looking for your services.

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Website Design for interior designers

For any type of business we understand that it is a constant goal to increase sales and spread awareness about your company. You can have all your marketing efforts working well, but without a well designed website, you could be completely missing a large part of your target market. Having a carefully constructed website to real in those advertisement visitors will play a large role in your marketing strategy.


Today many people use social media, the Internet and popular search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo to research where they will be making their next purchase. Therefore, your company website can have the potential to raise awareness and increase traffic significantly for your business.

What Our Clients Say

"The team of DEGOM Marketing helped us grow our Instagram page and helped us greatly with our Microsoft ad account. Their efforts allowed us to enter the US market of Intelligence & Investigations. They targeted the right audience and in turn, gathered us a substantial amount of new clients!"

Marcelo, Founder & Owner

Montax Intelligence

"Amazing company, they skyrocketed our engagement on our social media pages and helped drive traffic to our website. Anytime we needed advice or help they were very courteous and assisted without hesitation. Thanks for all the help!"

Yvan, CEO & Owner

Proximus medical

Why CHOOSE DEGOM MARKETING FOR interior design advertising?

The benefits of digital marketing in any industry, especially interior design, are exactly what you envision it to be: more leads & more awareness. There is even much more to it than that. There are steps along the way that we get you to those leads and conversions that add more value to your brand than you ever thought possible.

Experience these benefits when you implement our online marketing to your interior design brand’s digital marketing efforts:

  • Increased brand awareness.

  • Nurture quality leads to conversion.

  • Stay in Communication with Your Customers.

  • Increase customer retention.

  • Increase loyalty among customers.

  • Customers feel more valued by your company.

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