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3 Easy SEO Tips For Your Website

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

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Check What You Have

The first step of many in any SEO process is checking and observing what you currently have. Firstly, ensure you have Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools set up for your website. This allows for you to see what traffic you are bringing and finding out ways to optimize this traffic.

A small tip that will boost your traffic organically with little to no cost is using your social media platforms to generate leads. Using this tactic will give you an edge on you competition. Most of the platforms have built in insight that will allow you easily navigate your traffic and will allow you to target the right potential clients and or customers.

Next, Search your website and read over page. Click every link and make sure there are no found errors (poor grammar, broken pages or images, old information) that you encounter. Even a small misspelling or typo can potentially ruin your chance to get a customer and even ruin your image.

Keyword Refining

A Numerous amount businesses make the mistake of only solely going for highly competitive, short tail keywords and try to condense those keywords in as frequently as possible on their websites.

This can lead to a disastrous outcome when it comes to improving organic and inorganic search rankings. Especially when you are first starting out or struggling to rank well for a high volume keyword, chances are it won’t lead to a high conversion rate.

Humanize Your Site & Be Simple

When search engines like Google and Bing scan the web for sites, they sneakingly go through links. Whenever they finish scanning a page, they check the page for any links and then follow each of them to see if they lead to pages that haven’t been scanned yet. Imagine your website as a New York City, and each web page as a block in the city. The links are streets that get you from one block to another.

The better the streets are labeled, the easier your city is to navigate. Just make sure to take caution with your internal linking. There’s a fine line between optimization and overkill. Finally, be human. A very simple approach is to relate to your customer, hone customer service, make your content pleasant and simple for your viewers.



Very informative post Nick. It’s great to hear these tips from someone that has already ‘been there done that’.


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