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3 Restaurant Growth Tips To Take Your Business To The Next Level - DEGOM Marketing

Updated: May 14, 2019

Restaurant Advertising Company


Social media and blogging Set up an account on all the social media platforms you can come across. Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, Instagram or twitter to name a few for your restaurant and post regularly for your audience. Make sure to be relevant for your targeted audience, and make sure to never bombard them with a multitude of posts a day. You'll be surprised how effective social media makes a positive impact on your restaurant business.

Blogs that describe your event experience, most popular dishes, your drink specials, your positive feedback your customers give, etc. can grab many curious or past customers and boost your restaurant business without minimal to no cost. It's a win-win for your goals for growth.

Offer a loyalty program and implement special deals A new customer acquisition costs more than retaining an old one. Keeping a loyal customer can be the most profitable way to make your way to growth. This allows for a steady flow of income due to having a positive and loyal presence in your area. Incentives such as discounts on the next meal, referral coupons, happy hours, and meal vouchers upon bringing a plus one can increase your restaurant customer feedback and growth exponentially.

An important side tip that can increase not only your customer count but also a massive potential audience is to promote your business nationally. Many people are food and drink connoisseurs, and search for a great experience when they dine or just want to have a few drinks. Targeting potential tourists that will be going to your region or tourists that are already in the area are perfect strategies to get your business name out there.

Be on the hunt for events Look out for big festivals, carnivals and events such as the Boston Seafood Festival, Pismo Beach Clam Festival, San Luis Obispo County , San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival, San Diego, Mochitsuki, Portland and Miami Spice, Miami, Florida to name a few. Also College annual fests, sporting events, Christmas, Sunday events etc. where thousands of people love to try new foods, drinks, and are long searching for a perfect time with their favorite people. The most important tip for this section is to be prepared when you partake in any of these events. Do a check list, hire the right people, do research on past events and what to expect. Failing to do one of these tips will surely put you on the back end of your competition. Have competitive pricing on your restaurant niche and never forget the golden rule, always treat your customers with the best experience they will ever have. People will forget words and actions, but will never forget how they felt from what you brought to the table.



Great tips Nick. I would also expect that any great restaurant would need to start with the basics, which is to offer good food and good service in order to keep their customers coming back for more.

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