3 Proven Ideas To Boost Your Black Friday & Thanksgiving Sales

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Thanksgiving advertising tips

The holidays are among us, the cold is here and the money is starting to be spent for our friends and loved ones. This time period brings joy and cherished memories that we carry with us forever.

To us business owners, this is the time period when all we think about is... Quarter four. The time period where if capitalized properly, your business will skyrocket in revenue.

By targeting holiday and Black Friday shoppers will be the best thing you will ever do for your business.

Fun fact:

Black Friday 2018 continues to gradually increase every year, with 74% of Americans planning to shop and spend their hard-earned money on Black Friday.

The average adult is expected to drop $483.18 on Black Friday, which equates to $90.14 billion — up to $30.57 billion from 2017’s projected spend of $59.57 billion. - according to Finder

Now for the tips...

Using artificial intelligence to create personalized marketing

Using AI to your advantage will grow your business exponentially. Back in the day, writing a letter, sending emails one by one, putting your business in the yellow books... you get where this is going. These tactics will leave you in the dust when you are facing heavy competition.

One way by using AI is scaling personalized holiday-themed messages to antagonize shoppers that have already been searching for holiday present ideas and or purchases. Amazon’s “might also like” feature, for instance, is one widely recognized example of machine learning in action, using pattern recognition to determine what a customer has done in the past to predict what they might do in the future.

black friday tips for small businsess