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5 Easy Tweaks You Can Make to Your Site for More Traffic

5 Easy Tweaks You Can Make to Your Site for More Traffic

Sometimes the easiest way to make a website more successful is to tweak its attributes. You can write the best content and have the best marketing strategy, but if your site is poorly designed then your efforts will be hamstrung and you won’t get to where you need to be.

The reason for this is that Google is emphasizing the importance of high-quality website design and function. Google wants to ensure its visitors have the best experience possible when visiting sites it recommends because that means they’ll be more likely to use Google again! If your site is slow and sluggish, then that doesn’t equate to a good experience! Likewise, if it is poorly designed, bland to look at, or generally not fun to use.

So how do you tweak your website to bring more traffic? Here are some simple fixes.

Compress Images

To quickly lower your load times, you can simply compress the images on your website. If you are using WordPress, then you can do this very easily by using a plugin. These can immediately shrink the file sizes of all the images on your site, which will drastically speed up the amount of time it takes for your pages to load!

5 Easy Tweaks You Can Make to Your Site for More Traffic

Remove Unnecessary Plugins

Speaking of plugins, if you have a huge number of plugins installed that you aren’t using, you should delete these as a matter of priority. This is an immediate way to improve the speed of your site without harming your user experience in any way!

Create a Better Logo

If you don’t have a strong and very visible logo for your website, then you should fix this. A strong brand makes visitors more likely to come back, and it helps to communicate what your brand is all about.

Moreover, a strong brand will help Google to see that you are serious about your business (not just trying to game the system and get lots of visitors by spamming!).

Create Internal Links

Internal links help Google to organize your content and improve indexing. At the same time, they keep people reading your site longer and moving through your pages – which has a very positive impact on your SEO.

5 Easy Tweaks You Can Make to Your Site for More Traffic

Guide the User

One of the big mistakes that a lot of creators make here is to fill their site with content and not apply any visual cues to show the reader what they should be looking at. Know what action you want your visitor to take next and then make sure they take it!


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