6 Freelance Roles That Boost Sales and Marketing

There are a lot of benefits to hiring freelance and contract workers to boost your sales and marketing efforts. You can secure exceptional talent while also decreasing overhead costs.

Freelance Roles That Boost Sales

While those benefits are bountiful, there are also some considerable challenges you’ll need to keep in mind. If you are thinking of hiring contractors and freelancers, here are some positions to consider to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Website Developer

Every business needs a website — it’s the brochure, billboard, and business card of the digital age. With a strong website, customers can interact with your brand, purchase goods or services, and interact with your customer service. Consider hiring HTML5 expert to code the elements needed to create a user-friendly online shop that boosts your ROI. Of course, if you’re savvy with web design, you can do this yourself with online tools like Squarespace.

Graphic Designer

Contracting a graphic design professional can give your brand a boost, making it relevant to the times and your customers—and this professional is ideal to have on a retainer for future projects. Aesthetics for your print and digital materials are extremely important for the first impression your company makes. Whether someone lands on your website, picks up a brochure or pockets your business card, a professional graphic designer can give your brand a crisp, clean look that visually tells your company story.

Freelance Roles That Boost Sales

Social Media Specialist

Social media isn’t just a place to share pictures; it’s a place to share stories. Contracting a social media specialist to manage your profiles can tell the story of your company and brand while also promoting your products and services to people most likely to engage with them. They can also monitor your online reputation and respond to inquiries and n