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Amazon Best Sellers Secret | Improve Amazon Seller Rank

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Amazon Best Sellers Secret

If you are selling and advertising Amazon products, you know how tough it is to get your listing on the first page on Amazon itself. What if I told you we know how to get sales on your Amazon listing using Google? Read on.

Google and Amazon had a falling off a while back and made things much more tedious for Sellers to get their products out there. Amazon affiliates would use social media platforms and Amazon's advertising platform itself. Which is not a bad thing at all, and is still highly used today! But, the more advanced Sellers know a trick that will boost their sales, just by using Google ads!


Setting Up Google Ads For Your Amazon Listing

Setting up Google ads can be tricky if you are not familiar with this platform. Whether it is creating your account from the campaign level which is a total of four key factors (Ad groups, Ad copy, Keywords & Campaign).

For example:

Campaign name: PS4 Cover Campaign

Ad groups: Gold PS4 cover / Blue PS4 Cover / Green PS4 Cover

Keywords: "buy gold PS4 cover", "where can I find a blue PS4 cover", "Green PS4 Cover on Amazon." (add variations to your keywords).

Ad copy: Your Ad copy will correspond to your keywords, try to make them as engaging as possible.

This is a very straight forward way to explain how to create your Google Ad to accommodate your Amazon listing. This can be used on all your listings so make a campaign for each listing you wish to advertise.

How to boost sales as an Amazon Best Seller

Part 1. Tracking Your Amazon Sales on Google Ads

Like previously stated, due to Amazon and Google having a falling off, you can not link your Google Analytics and your Google ads account that affiliates with your Amazon listing together and track all the progress you have made. So you have to resort in manually inputting the information yourself, do not be discouraged... it is well worth the time and investment. If you need help with this and do not have the time, we have a Amazon management team just for that.

If you still need a better explanation on how Google ads works, view here.

We will explain the process as straight forward as possible below:

Amazon Best Sellers stats

As you can see in this example, the time and dates are easily available for tracking the progress you have made. Each spike you see is a sale, and this will be the key factor into recognizing the sale you have made via Google ads. Just make sure you filter in which product you would like to track, so you do not get mixed up on the numbers!

A relevant article that will help you hone your Amazon Seller skills can be found here.

Part 2. Tracking Your Amazon Sales on Google Ads Continued

Now that you know how to track your sales on Amazon, we will show you how to match this data to your Google Ads reports. Similarly to your Amazon reports, Google ads has a layout like Amazon. The spikes can be easily distinguished and the times are readily available to browse, take a look at the image below for an example:

Amazon and google ads tip

Get where this is going? By viewing your Google Ad graph report, you can match both your Amazon Sales Report and your Google Ads Report to find out when exactly your ads on google antagonized that sale.

Now you will need to do that for all your sales, just look at the sales on your Google ads report and match it with your Amazon sales. This is the easiest way we found to do this process. By tracking this, you know where you hard earned dollars go towards exactly. This is a perfect way to analyze what is working and what is not. We have even seen companies that use us just to target customers on Google for their Amazon listings without any Amazon advertising!


If you are not using this technique that Amazon Best Sellers are using, start doing this now! Harnessing the power of both of these giants will certainly boost your sales, and we guarantee it with our services as well. We know how competitive Amazon can be and sometimes you struggle to sell even one product a day.

Our advice is to not give up and start finding new techniques that can drive traffic to your listing such as using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to create a funnel to your Amazon products.

If you have any questions or concerns just give us a comment and the team of DEGOM Marketing & Management will answer as best as possible for your convenience.


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