Google AdSense Discontinues | What Are The Best Alternatives?

Google Adsense Discontinues

Google is discontinuing the AdSense app for iOS and Android in the next few months.

By the end of 2019, the AdSense will be permanently removed from all app stores according to Google.

Google promises that the termination of Google AdSense on the mobile devices will not come at a total loss. Google promises that they will make many changes for the web interference.

They claim there will be a better mobile browser to switch over to when the AdSense application is no longer available. This unfortunately gets in the way of frequent users of the Google AdSense on mobile devices.

With well over 50% of businesses relying on their mobile device to keep them updated regularly, this made the discontinuation of the app very inconvenient and many individuals are getting irate.

Google says the decision for the AdSense app was made after the company optimized its mobile strategy. So all we can do now is be patient about the change and trust that Google will deliver on its new and improved AdSense experience.

During this time there will be plenty of AdSense alternatives that you may take advantage of and that have a great mobile experience. Here are our top choices.


1. Amazon Affiliate Program

Google Adsense Alternative

Amazon affiliate program is program to get revenue if your blog talks about products that are sold on Amazon. If you sell on Amazon showcase products for other sellers it would be a win-win situation. You even earn a nice 10% commission on each sell that goes through your site!