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How To Become a Social Media Influencer & Make Money

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

how to become an influencer

If you have been following us, you already know the fundamentals of how to become an influencer, and how to set up your profile just like one. If you are still new to this, we highly suggest you head to this article on the basics of how to be an influencer we made just for the influencers that are starting out. After you are done, come back here.

To the influencers that have dipped their feet into this highly addicting and engaging world of influencing, welcome back. Today we will give some insights we tell our successful clients.

Whether you are trying to be a fitness influencer, travel influencer or even a lifestyle influencer, doing these simple steps TODAY will get you to becoming professional tier and starting gaining money and free products!


How to Become Any Type of Influencer

As everything in life, if you want to start getting serious traction and results as an influencer, you need to master your niche. A niche is an extremely valuable asset to have, it is: "denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population."

What I mean by mastering is, read about it continuously, listen to podcasts, research other influencers in your same category, network, and truly become an icon to your followers.

A trick we tell our clients is that, most niches break up into sub niches. This can be a huge factor into branching out and engaging in a whole other audience you never knew that would be interested in what you do. Here is a list of niches and their sub niches.

- Gaming - Video game live streamers, esports, player tips, un-boxing consoles, gaming product reviews

- Comedy - Pranks, parody, and skits, memes

- Family - Moms, dads, parents, family or relationship advice

- Health & Wellness - Health, wellness, meditation, nutrition, fitness

- Fashion & Beauty - Luxury clothing, styling, cosmetics, makeup tutorials

- Technology - Technology unboxing and reviews, how-to guides

- Travel - Backpackers, travelers, photographers, adventurers

- Auto - Car enthusiasts, auto repair guides, auto part reviews

- Music - Singer, songwriter, musician, bands, music videos, music critics

how to become a travel influencer
Taking the right pictures for your targeted audience will gain their trust when you market products

Knowing your audience and finding other things that they are interested in will take you to another level in your influencing career. and YES, being an influencer is a career for many people. Getting to that level requires a lot of patients and a bit of luck, and ultimately hard work. You will be proud of yourself and so will all your followers that will trust your judgement when you start sponsoring for high end companies.

Hashtag Like an Influencer

If you have not noticed, every single influencer has either started out using a plethora of unique hashtags and or are using very few hashtags but are targeting exactly who they want. Finding out which hashtags for your niche can be a bit daunting and time consuming, but worth the trouble.

When you first start out you come up with a minimum of hundred hashtags. With those hashtags you pick from the following:

highly engaged hashtags (1m+ posts)

Mildly engaged (100k-500k posts)

Very specific hashtags (10k-90k)

As an example let's say you are a fashion influencer. You will want your hashtags to solely target the fashion space, it will look a bit like this:

You mix and match them on each of your posts till you find the best ones that work for you. When you become an elite influencer you will have the exact hashtags that you know will work for each post you will be posting.

This will draw in the most engagement per post and in turn get you much more new eyes on your profile. This will help you tremendously and also your sponsors will thank you for it.

Here is a list of top influencers that are making a huge amount of money.

What makes someone a social media influencer
Working hard enough as an influencer will get you these numbers from one of our clients.

How Can I Increase My Engagement Rate?

You have everything aligned perfectly. You post attractive images and captions along them, a message conveying yourself as an influencer and plenty of comments and likes from your followers.

Now you need to capitalize on this now that you made a name of yourself as an established icon on Instagram. Now what you will need to do is pick up your mobile device and start interacting on your Instagram account, make them feel they are talking to a person and not posting on a wall on picture. Strengthen your brand name by encouraging them to use a special hashtag curated for your brand.

We understand that this can be hugely time consuming and we specialize in this, working with a recognized social media management team is will worth the investment.

hire a social media manager
In person most people find it hard to start a conversation, let social media be an outlet into conversation. You never know where your new connection may lead you.

Do NOT Advertise as an Influencer

As an influncer in the social space, your motives are to (we hope), influence your audience, enjoy distributing your content, interacting with people, and lastly make money or gain free products.

The reason why we put making money and gaining free products last is very simple. If you are doing it for these reasons, we promise you that you will fail. Having your passion to spread your knowledge and actually enjoying what you are doing will be a huge part into your success as an influencer. People will notice when you truly enjoy dishing out your content, and you will reap the benefits when this is done.

No one likes a person that keeps bragging about something they recently obtained. Ever since we were little young ones, this still holds true. Don't be that person. Instead, do it strategically and nonchalant.

The only way we condone advertising as an influencer is doing giveaways are reviews for a product or service. Giveaways are a HUGE staple into gaining followers.

non-profit ideas for influencers
Take part in a community event and give back. Post about it and let your audience know you care.

Social Media Giveaways For Advertising

The last tip we will be giving you (sorry we can't give them all out or we will be out of business!) is hosting giveaways. This can be the boost you need when you hit a plateau as an influencer. We all know that plateau when you start having a stagnant number of followers and or you see your follower count slowly going down.

Do not panic! This is a very common occurrence when we deal with all of our influencer clients. The trick is to find the habits that you are doing, and just tweak them a bit. As well as implementing a new tactic, which would be a giveaway.

As a professional influencer, you know what your audience wants. So pick out something that your loyal followers and potential followers will be highly engaged in. Make sure to incorporate sentences that incentivizes people to share your posts such as:

"Tag 3 people that you think would be interested."

"Like and comment on the post."

"Post this picture in your feed and @ us."

"Follow and subscribe on our site"

These are sure fired ways to get your audience to participate in your give away and dig you out of that plateau you are stuck in.


If you want to work with us and start becoming an elite influencer, check out this article about what a social media manager and the importance of social media marketing does and give us a message! The team of DEGOM Marketing & Management will help you every step of the way!


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