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Proven In Store Marketing Tips For Any Local Business

Updated: May 31, 2019

Free in store marketing tips
A Beautiful Example of a Store Front

Every year requires another goal for your business. If there has not been one established, take a minute and do so now. One of the goals many stores whether it is brick and mortar, retail and or online stores all have in common is to drive more sales by attracting more customers. This is all sounds easier said than done. We will be discussing the proven ways that got many of our clients on the right step into attracting more people to their business using in store marketing.

Social Media & Social Proof

Many companies in the past have done fine with out the help of social media, generating outstanding numbers only by the help of search engine advertising such as Google, Microsft and Yahoo ads. The way consumers are shifting their minds on whether or not to buy a product or service is by using social media.

Let's face it, we catch ourselves glued to our phones every now and then through out the day and we happen to scroll across engaging ads on Facebook or Instagram. Let's give an example, a customer notices a ad that catches their attention which has many comments and many likes, so they click to see what it is all about.

When they arrive at the page they'll see beautiful content that catches the eye and carries on browsing posts with amazement. Then they stop and think "I am not sure if this is legit." (which we do more than not.) When that happens that customer will instinctively try to find if anyone else has liked or reviewed this product or service.

You get where I am going with this, many people now a days require Social Proof in order to act on a purchase. Whether it is looking through yelp to find a restaurant, going on Instagram to see when the store is having a sale or see how many reviews a Amazon product has, this all plays a huge factor in this decision process. We conjured up some insights on how to hire the right Social Media management.

Here are some important facts that you need to know in order to thrive;

  • People tend to spend 31% more when a company has excellent ratings and reviews.

  • 72% of online shoppers trust consumer opinions online.

  • 90% of buyers report being influenced by online reviews.

  • 75% of all people are rationalizers, which means they’re looking for unbiased facts and opinions to help them make their decision.

Positive reviews for in store marketing

If you are not familiar with the power of Social Media and how to harness it for your business, we digital marketing experts that are here for you. We also have a a few posts talking about using social media marketing to your advantage so make sure to take a look. Continue reading along to see what else you can do to attract more people to your business.

Experiences Count

Our society is moving from a more product-based economy to a service based one, with an increased focus on the experiences received during the visit. As people spend more money on doing things than buying them, the retail experience must stay relevant in order to stay ahead. In store marketing 101, when someone goes into a store they want the ultimate experience such as premium customer service, exceptional decor and the last thing should be the product(s) you introduce. (even though this is a vital importance.)

Successful business will spend time with and listen to their customers to find out what will meet their needs and make them feel special. You can randomly select customers that venture into your organization and start asking them very quick and to the point questions. If you have regulars than they would be a prime target.

Recognizing that people do not always visit your business to make a purchase; chances are there is a plethora of stores or online websites that can accommodate them. So the future of the physical organization is not about the purchase transactions. It’s about cultivating experiences, events and brand associations, which help create memories and most importantly loyalty for that customer or client.

how to engage with your customers on social media

Leveraging Amazon

One of the biggest reasons why Brick & Mortar stores are going out of business is due to the infamous online giant called Amazon. Most people will do whatever they can to compete with this retail behemoth but chances are their margins are not doing as great as it should be.

If you are willing to get on the Amazon bandwagon then you will not regret it. We personally used Amazon to enhance our business sales and we did not regret it. Sometimes if you can not beat them, join them.

While Amazon has fees and has a tedious starting process, it is well worth it. The giant online retail store has millions of users that engage on their site religiously. Take advantage of this opportunity and put your products on the site. We are just letting you know, it is a very competitive space and chances are a numerous amount of companies are selling the same product.

No fear, with the right approach you can get ahead of your competitors and start selling in no time with the right insights. It is a time consuming process but having a great team will assure success. If you want to take on this task alone, here is the site link to register your business on Amazon.

Customer Loyalty

One of the best in store marketing strategies to use is by offering a loyalty program and implement special deals A new customer acquisition costs more than retaining an old one. Keeping a loyal customer can be the most profitable way to make your way to growth. This allows for a steady flow of income due to having a positive and loyal presence in your area.

Incentives such as discounts on the next meal, referral coupons, happy hours, and meal vouchers upon bringing a plus one can increase your restaurant customer feedback and growth exponentially.

An important side tip that can increase not only your customer count but also a massive potential audience is to promote your business nationally. Many people are food and drink connoisseurs, and search for a great experience when they dine or just want to have a few drinks. Targeting potential tourists that will be going to your region or tourists that are already in the area are perfect strategies to get your business name out there.

In store marketing using loyalty programs
Always Greet Your Customers

Being a Local Icon

Having a local presence is important, regardless of marketing purposes, you could impact the community in a great way. Work with that community in the same way that brick-and-mortar stores do in an effort to generate interest and loyalty, such as the loyalty program we went over.

Consider sponsoring local youth sports, having your team participate in 5Ks, volunteer, take out ads in the local paper or local magazines, and spend some of your digital advertising budget targeting local searches from customers. Local SEO can enhance your overall SEO endeavors while furthering your in store marketing efforts.

The goodwill that local stores can create by being a part of the local community is something that’s available to e-commerce brands as well, but unfortunately many pass up the opportunity and miss out on its benefits. Use your location as a beacon for your brand, allow your presence to make a greater impact on the surrounding area and of course get that good karma (if you believe in that.)

Content creation for business

Copy Your Favorite Store

We all have stores we love to go to, even just to be inside without making a purchase. Take a minute to think of the store you most enjoy entering. List a few key factors on why you love this store, their in store advertising strategy, customer service, and what brings you back to it.

Questions like do they know your name and what you always order, are you’re met with a friendly greeting every time you walk in, do they always have your size available, do you only have to talk with people when you want to, is everything organized, do they always have what you want, is their a unique scent... the list goes on.

Take this list of things you like and find out to see if your customers like them too. It should give you some significant insight on how your visions are reflecting on your audience. Sometimes we think our service, offers and environment are on point to what we want, chances are your customers beg to differ. accommodate them as much as possible, sometimes you need to let go on old traditions and adapt to new ones.

Even if these don’t work for your customers, the process will have you thinking about ways to improve your business. It is the perfect beginning to the consistent brainstorming that any successful business requires in order to thrive in the short and long term.

Don't have the advertising budget? Not to worry, our article on free ways to advertise will be a great help to you and your in store marketing efforts.


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