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Updated: Jun 4, 2019

What is PPC

Most people commonly ask this question: "what is PPC?". Chances are your business is utilizing PPC (Pay-Per-Click) in a search or social platform already or trying to at least. If not you need to start now.

PPC is the modern day Yellow Pages, with a greater reach by far. Many popular search and social platforms use this in order for businesses to get in touch with their targeted audience.

Listed below are some of the companies many businesses use and what we specialize in.

  • Google – Google Ads. Google is by far the most used search engine and PPC ad platform option; it allows companies and advertisers to research optimal keywords but definitely the most costly of the bunch. Use it effectively.

  • Bing – As the second-most-used search engine, Bing Ads or now known as Microsfot Ads, typically cost less than Google ads and appear on many search engines such as the Yahoo search engine. We recommend using Bing Ads because it translates to 1/3 of business for many clients.

  • Facebook – As a social media platform for PPC campaigns, Facebook is by far the most used and is commonly coupled with Instagram. One of the cost effective forms of PPC.

  • Amazon – Amazon is the largest online retail company in the world. With revenues continuing to soar, any type of business needs to put their product on this platform in order to maximize revenue. Using PPC is crucial to success.

  • Instagram – whatever size your business is, using this platform will provide social proof to your clientele. Creating visually appealing images as a means of putting forth an important message, Instagram may be a great platform for your PPC campaign. Social Media is the the present and future form of advertising.