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Your Online Business VS. Cyber Monday

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Black Friday Advertising Help

We all know that after Black Friday passes, the notorious Cyber Monday is right around the corner. Everyone scrambles and is preparing for a chaotic, yet strategic time to shop for themselves or for their loved ones. Having a list of their favorite sites to browse on, and searching for the deals they can possibly find online.

The most important word of that above paragraph is... online! Most Americans are on their phone for multiple hours a day, either on social media, on a App or on their favorite site searching for new products to purchase. This is when online businesses come into play. Every successful online business knows the importance of this time of the year. Capitalizing on these very flourishing days will take your business to a level it has never seen before. Especially if your company is fresh in the game.


Cyber Monday Facts

  • According to Adweek, mobile represented 64% of shopping visits over the holiday weekend.

  • Cyber Monday 2017 was the largest single day of online shopping in U.S. history, according to CNBC. Digital transactions totaled $16.9 billion, an increase of 16.8% from the year before.

  • Millennials have become the biggest spenders during the holiday weekend, spending over $400 per person.

  • According to MarketingLand, more and more consumers are switching to online shopping during the holidays to avoid the mad dash of foot traffic.

As you can see by these facts, this time period is know joke and involves an insane amount of money to be earned for a growing business. Using these facts, let it drive you to elevate your goals and motivation.

Optimize Your Site & Mobile Platforms

First interest point to view is the the site speed. This is a subtle but very relevant topic to dig in to. How many times have you encountered a great deal advertised online and end u gravely disappointed because the site takes an eternity to load... or does not load at all. This little factor can make and break a potential customer from engaging on your platform you use to do business. Make sure you dumb down on picture size, quantity and small fixes to help ensure a fast load time for your audience. Check out Google’s developmental tools to run a speed test and get to the bottom of what might be causing load times to lag.

As covered above, mobile compatibility is crucial to a potential customer or client. According to Adweek, mobile represented 64% of shopping visits over the holiday weekend. With a majority of Cyber Monday purchases potentially coming through mobile channels, it’s never been more important to ensure your site can handle mobile traffic. Make your mobile site appealing and allow for a smooth transition through pages so that the customer follows along your site like a kid in a candy shop. Run a mobile compatibility test with Google. Even if you’re ready to handle mobile purchases, this site will help you diagnose slow-loading pages.

Offer a Reduced Trial or a One Day Deal

There’s a reason 44% of subscription-based companies get their foot in the door with a reduced trial: It usually works by insisting potential buyers to be swayed to your service. Sometimes people do not know what they want till they get a taste of it. Using a reduced or even free trial will show them what you are made of without involving much risk to a customer. The tricky part is trying to get customers to try your product. Subscriptions do not really work if you are trying to buy a lawn mower or printer for example. In this case you would make it known that there is a money back guarantee to making a purchase and by purchasing your lawn mower they can get a discount to your whole store front. This not only builds trust to your audience but also encourages them to go ahead and make another purchase at a reduced cost.

Everyone is searching for an exclusive Cyber Monday offer and that is when you come in. I know it can be hard sometimes to give a drastic discount to your most popular product or service. In order to stand out and be competitive, allowing for a one time deal for Cyber Monday will potentially allow for a enormous jump in sales. Of course, great advertising, great content and an even greater mind set will ensure you prevail in your endeavors.

Run a Contest

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram or Facebook and notice that drawing ad that caught your eye or one that keeps showing up and keeps begging for that click? Well that is the goal for every business to have, which is create that perfect ad for that perfect someone. Sometimes it is hard to get that ad in front of that perfect someone unfortunately... but using a contest strategy will help tremendously.

There are a couple of things people love these days. One is social media and the other is winning. By using the contest strategy you allow for a lot bigger audience with minimal effort and budget. An example such as "Share this post & have a chance to win two tickets New York!" will allow for an insane amount of people to participate in the contest by trying to receive those tickets. By people sharing your post will allow for free advertisement and translates to much more eye balls on your product or service.

Targeting Cart Abandonment

According to the Baymard Institute, customers abandon as many as 70% of shopping carts. That is an insane amount of missed profit that can be tapped into. By re-targeting shoppers that abandoned their cart can lead to major profit. Hiring a knowledgeable agency that knows how to re-target those customers via different platforms can change your company and fourth quarter projections for the better.

Mark November 26, 2018 this year if you are a business owner or marketing for a business. Even minor changes to your site can drastically make a positive impact. The above listed tips can be done in only a day if you work hard enough. Your company's product or service can not thrive off one advertising platform. If it is, it is only a matter of time before that dies out. Always stay one step ahead of the trend and always keeping learning.

Happy Holidays & elevate your business!



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