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Social media Customer Services

That save you hours a day and allows you to provide premier care for your current and future customers.

experience these benefits when coupling our social media customer services to your marketing efforts:

  • Save on average 20 hours a week so you may focus on what you do best.

  • Manage social media customer care at scale.

  • Maximize every minute of your customer service agents’ time.

  • customer service professionals that have 10+ years of experience.

  • no training required - reducing wait time.

  • Save thousands a year when outsourcing us compared to hiring in-house.

Social Media customer service for any task.

Cold Calling script

We provide a fully USA-based team of social media customer service professionals for your needs. This allows for a flawless one on one relationship with your customers or prospects that will allow them to know your services, troubleshoot, assist them with their problems and create a loyal customer. Utilizing powerful competitor analysis tools, and absorbing your industry's knowledge, will be the perfect combination to provide a premier experience.

One of our clients Received $18,111.89 in one month

Using our social media marketing and social media customer services will not only increase your brand recognition but will also build a constant stream of revenue for your business. By engaging the right way to your prospects or current customers, we make sure to convert in just one interaction.  They saved  $3,000 a month by reducing their workforce and saving themselves valuable time. The client was able to increase their revenue by 73% versus the previous year’s total metrics. 

Read Our Client Testimonials

We love what we do, and hearing all the positive feedback from our long time customers makes our job that much more enjoyable and fun. Just click on the images below to view what some of our clients have to say about us.

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No contracts. affordable.
happy customers.

Why CHOOSE DEGOM MARKETING FOR Social Media Customer services?

The benefits of social media customer services in any industry are exactly what you envision it to be: more happy customers & more revenue. There is even much more to it than that. When you hire our social media customer service team, you are also hiring a marketing team that can give you more insights on where else you can grow!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will these social media customer services cost?
This depends on how much traffic you have on your social media platforms. Prices range from $350-$1,200.

Do you offer call support?
No, we only offer messenger support. We can do this via your social media channels or your website.

Will there be a contract for my social media customer service?
There are no contracts involved with our services. You can cancel at any time. 

Can I hire multiple agents?
Yes, depending on how much traffic your social media platforms have. 

Can your agents be on 24/7 on my social media profiles?
Yes. we can assign multiple agents that can be on 24/7!

Do I need to train anyone?
​No, all you would need to do is tell us the objectives, your script, and any other relevant information needed in order to provide the best care. Your assigned manager will be in charger of this.