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Being in the eCommerce industry can be very overwhelming, we understand this. We have worked with numerous eCommerce companies. We know you are focusing on your inventory, website and finding new ways to grow. You are here to compete in your competitive industry and free up time. eCommerce businesses need a prominent online presence in order to bring in customers and attract additional business with deals and promotions.

In today's society, online shoppers are increasingly turning to online resources when researching their next product purchase. A vital part to a thriving eCommerce website will be due to its social media, search engine and overall online advertising efforts. At DEGOM Marketing, we have the tactics and experience that will draw in new business using our digital marketing knowledge and tools.

Social Media Marketing For eCommerce 

Social media is everywhere and if you want your eCommerce brand talked about, social media channels are the best way of doing this. Social platforms are playing a larger and larger role in influencing the buying habits of any individual. Many curious patients will do extensive research before committing to your healthcare facility, it is a fact.


Let us help you build and maintain accounts on major social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Our social media marketing services for healthcare brands will save you not only money but TIME.

eCommerce Search Engine Marketing

Ranking this very close to the most important marketing tactic we use for eCommerce companies, search engine marketing or better known as pay-per-click marketing is a key factor in competing in the eCommerce industry. Using this marketing service provides the most traffic to your website in the shortest amount of time. 


We love setting up your PPC campaigns, and we love it even more to bring you added business FAST. Our team of advertising experts will research, launch, and manage your PPC campaigns for maximum ROI. Start getting results fast and hire your search engine marketing specialist today!

eCommerce Website Design

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and your first impression online will most likely be your social platforms and or your website. An outdated or not a user-friendly website could play a huge factor in a decision between you and your competitor. Attention spans are shorting due to the mass amount of entertainment and technology. You need an eCommerce website that’s engaging, user-friendly, appealing to the eye, and draws the visitor to take action.

At DEGOM, our website design team will partner with you to build an eCommerce website that will represent your identity in the best way attainable. We not only make a stunning website for desktops, but our experts also design responsive websites that look attractive on smartphones and tablets. As consumers increasingly turn to mobile devices to search for products online, we make sure your online image surpasses the industry standard.

Proven Ecommerce Marketing Service That Delivers Results

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