TikTok Account Disabled - Here is How to Get it Back

Are you wondering “Why is my TikTok account temporarily or permanently suspended and or disabled? This article will guide you on how you can unsuspend your TikTok account.

TikTok is a great platform to show your talent through short meaningful videos. Also, you can go live, add filters, add music and make your videos attractive to have a try at making them viral.

However, you may have knowingly and unintentionally broken the TikTok community guidelines through your video and got your TikTok account suspended or disabled. Let’s find out the reasons for the account suspension and what can you do about it.

Why Is My TikTok Account Banned?

Fairly often, it is the user's fault that results in temporary or permanent account suspension or having the account disabled.

When you create a TikTok account, you agree to the TikTok terms and conditions. Most of the TikTok users don’t read these terms and accept them during the sign-up process. That’s why they don’t have an indication of what went wrong although they are breaking the TikTok terms.

Following are the factors that contribute to the TikTok temporarly or permanently disabling the account.

  • Videos that promote a terrorist organization

  • Promoting domestic or criminal violence videos

  • Exhibiting weapons in your videos

  • Creating and promoting drug-related content

  • Creating and sharing graphical animal content such as abuse and slaughter

  • Promoting hate speeches against ethnic and religious groups, politicians and political parties, or any other community

  • Posting bullying videos of any kind

  • Videos of harassing women and child abuse

  • Posting and promoting videos of sexual nature

  • You are under the TikTok age limit while applying for a TikTok account

How Long Will My TikTok Account Be Suspended?