Cold Calling Services

Hire a trusted cold caller to generate leads.

Cold Calling for Any business Growth

DEGOM Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides sales-oriented services, such as our popular service, cold calling. Serving over 300+ clients in different states such as Florida, Texas, California, New York, Louisiana, and more, we know how to generate more leads for your business.

We provide a professional lead specialist for your cold calling. This allows for a flawless one on one relationship with your prospects that will expand your business and overall growth. We create a tailored call script that allows for a transparent path to our sales approach. Using powerful competitor analysis tools, and absorbing your industry's knowledge, will be the perfect combination to generate your prospects into leads and customers.

One of our clients gained 525 New leads in one month

Using our cold calling services will not only increase your brand recognition, but it will also build a constant stream of qualified leads to your business. By engaging the right way to your prospects, we make sure to convert in just one call. For this particular business, we increased their lead count by 179%. The client was able to increase their revenue by 73% versus the previous year’s total metrics. 

Read Our Client Testimonials

We love what we do, and hearing all the positive feedback from our long time customers makes our job that much more enjoyable and fun. Just click on the images below to view what some of our clients have to say about us.

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Need a cold calling script or ready to start?

Why CHOOSE DEGOM MARKETING FOR cold calling services?

The benefits of cold calling in any industry are exactly what you envision it to be: more leads & more revenue. There is even much more to it than that. There are steps along the way that we get you to those leads and conversions that add more value to your brand than you ever thought possible.

Experience these benefits when you implement our cold calling to your marketing efforts:

  • Increased brand awareness.

  • Nurture quality leads to conversion.

  • A steady stream of leads.

  • Improve customer retention.

  • Gain loyalty among customers.

  • Noninvasive and relaxed conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will these cold calling services cost?

This depends on how large your prospect list is or if you need us to generate a lead list for you. Prices range from $150-$1,200.

How many leads can I expect to get?

These numbers can range from 100-500 leads a month, depending on how large the call list is. We normally convert an average of 15% per 100 calls.

How often do you charge for cold calling services?

We normally charge per month or every 3 months. 

How soon can I see results?

As soon as the cold call list has been received, we will start our work and you could expect results in 3-5 days.

Will there be a contract for my cold calling service?

Depends on the plan you pick, there are no contracts involved with our services. You can cancel at any time. 

How will you send me my leads or customers?

Once we have a converted lead, we will send all the information via an excel sheet. You will then be able to see the customer info, keynotes, and if they are interested or not.

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