How Live Chat Support Improves The Customer Experience

Live chat support is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to make a more personal connection with customers. It lets support teams anticipate questions and offer assistance when and where customers need it, helps boost eCommerce sales, and lowers customer wait time.

lice chat support

Let’s define the unique ways in which live chat support contributes to a better customer service experience, and why one support leader nominates it to win the most authentic 1:1 support channel.

What is live chat support?

Live chat is a conversational, synchronous 1:1 customer support channel, which takes a couple of forms. It can be a proactive chat window that pops up as customers navigate through an eCommerce website—think of the last time you were browsing a website, whether it was for a bike or shoes, and a chat window popped up asking if you need assistance. Clicking on it would link you to a live agent.

Customers can also initiate a live chat when they’re in need. For example, maybe you can recall a time you were browsing your finances online and realized you needed to address some funny business in your account. A well-placed button would take you to the same channel to connect 1:1 with an agent.