5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Performance Fast

Millions of businesses use social media to interact with their customers and grow their business but working on your accounts and social media performance can sometimes make it challenging to see what you need to do to improve.

These 5 actionable tips to improve your social media performance will help you to take a step back from just creating content and work on improving your presence on any platform.

Review your social media accounts

Lots of businesses create their account, craft their bio, etc. and then never go back to it.  The focus becomes all about creating content, pushing it out, and renewing it every so often. Did you know our bio, profile, description and services sections are all highly searchable keyword-rich opportunities to help you to be found? 

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When was the last time you evaluated your accounts? Are they still an accurate representation of what you do? Who you are? The services you provide? Make sure that your descriptions all include the keywords that you know your customers are using to find whatever it is that you do or sell.  If you have won any awards or worked with new clients or industries make sure that these are incorporated.

Join the social community

As a digital marketing company, one of the most frequent questions we get asked is “How often should we __________?” (insert post, tweet, pin, update, go-live, etc.). The reality is that there is no magic formula or one size fits all answer to the question.  

What is true is that consistency is rewarded on pretty much all of the platforms. As well as your own data will show you where the majority of your audience is on. Most social media platforms have their own data analytics and you can use that to find out the best times that work for you.

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