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PPC Case Study - Google Ads & Microsoft Ads

One of our newest PPC clients is a US-based specialists' team with expertise and knowledge on the complex surety market. The company provides a range of complex products, including bonds, structural warranties, insurance-backed guarantees, and other contract-specific insurance which underpin contractual and legal responsibilities.

The team came to DEGOM Marketing to kick start their PPC campaigns using the two most popular paid advertising platforms, Google Ads and Microsoft Ads - formerly known as Bing Ads.

Our team began by reviewing and auditing their previous campaigns, conducting market research and competitor analysis. Using these findings, next we collaborated with both teams to create a plan of action, prioritizing quick wins first. After the initial launch, our PPC team at DEGOM Marketing continued regular communication with the client to optimize the running campaigns.

Here is some of the work that was carried out:

  • Assisting with conversion tracking set up

  • Planning and setting campaign structures

  • Keyword research and ad copy creation

  • Adding responsive search ads

  • Adding site link and call out extensions

Within the first two months, we produced some great results for the client, so much so that the client approached us to say that they received too many leads for their team to handle!

It is clear that PPC was a great digital marketing approach for our client. As quality lead generation is crucial for their business to grow, just like for every other business, we will continue to work closely with their in-house team to optimize the current campaigns and improve ROI.

Excited to see what opportunities Google Ads and Microsoft ads hold for your company? Why not get in touch with one of our experienced PPC team and let us guide you through lead nurturing and growth strategies suited for your business.


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