Social Media Marketing Case Study - Low Budget With High Returns

A few weeks ago, DEGOM Marketing received an email from the owner of an eCommerce fashion boutique. We figured it was an amazing opportunity to present a genuine and successful social media marketing case study.

The owner of the fashion boutique wanted to build her social media presence and wanted to get her company's name known globally.

This is one of the most common requests we get and we love to take on challenges such as making a brand well known across different social media platforms. In her case, she wanted to venture into Facebook and Instagram.

As many clients that ask for our digital marketing assistance, a lot of them seem to have created a business account previously for the dedicated social media outlets, but they are stuck normally on one thing, growing.

Not only growing but also keeping CPC (Cost-per-Click) low, CPM (Cost-per-Impression) low and falling around their designated budget range.

Now that we had the goals assigned, we needed to get to actually know the motives behind the business, who they were, how they operate, their story.

One key factor that we tell all clients we work with is "make your story worth knowing". Every business has its own story and if they do not, they need to make one.

"Competition is fierce these days" we told the owner of the fashion boutique, "What is your story, why did you start making this business?" She gave a common answer along the lines of; "I want to make quality clothing, the best customer service, and unique accessories."

Sadly, we told her it was not enough to differentiate between her competition and she needed to make a story that will connect to her targeted audience (Age group, income, interests, behaviors, etc.) Once this was addressed, she came back to us with a marvelous story that hit the pain-points of her targeted audience, why her business was different from the competition and why she started.

With the story at hand, we created great content around that which sparked a huge interest in her targeted audience and allowed for her brand to hit her audience internationally.

Social media marketing case study
In 1 week we were able to have two posts accumulate 120,000 eyes or impressions (in the first week).