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The Ultimate

Social Media Marketing book

best social media marketing books

Looking to learn digital marketing fast?

This Marketing book is for you.

Written with the business owner’s best interests in mind, this friendly, motivating, easy read guide shows you how to use proven digital marketing strategies and tactics to expand the reach of your brand, increase audience engagement, and accumulate customers or sales. From current best practices in SMM, SEM, becoming an Influencer, to the latest effective marketing techniques—and everything in between—Social Media Marketing Revamped helps you kickstart and shape your digital marketing efforts.

What worked in digital marketing just a few years ago is rapidly losing relevance as social media platforms—and the people who use them—continue to evolve. So how do you stay ahead of the trends in this competitive environment? Social Media Marketing Revamped simplifies and condenses the starting point of a digital marketing journey, offering the latest tips and techniques for utilizing technology to get your product or services out to your audience.

Whether you're new to the digital marketing space or just want to refresh your knowledge on search engine marketing or want to enhance your social media presence, you'll find the insight you need to meet your business goals and increase your personal investment.

  • Kickstart your digital marketing journey

  • Offer effective tips on converting visitors

  • Keep your audience invested in your brand, products, and services

  • Using social media advertising like a pro

  • Becoming an Influencer on social media

  • How to sell on Amazon

If you're ready to benefit from the latest and greatest digital marketing has to offer without reading your eyes off, this straight to the point guide sets you up for success.

What Readers are Saying

I have been very curious about digital marketing and how i can use it for my career. I did not know much about social media marketing, search engine marketing or anything related to this field. So I decided to browse around for a few digital marketing books to learn about the industry. Out of all the books I purchased, this book by far had the most information I needed in order to learn digital/social marketing. The length of this book also was a plus, I did not want to be reading a huge book to learn something new. It was straight to the point and gave me a head start to learning digital marketing!

Megan M.

A bigger thanks to this author (Nicholas Degomme) for disclosing this inestimable knowledge of professional social media/digital marketing guide. To me, this book is a great success to the world of social media and digital marketing as a whole; easy to read and understand. The book provides a wide and detailed resource knowledge that covers all of the contemporary digital imperatives for professional marketers in the field.
I have been looking for an opportunity to have access to a fantastic and brilliantly written social media/digital marketing book of this kind to improve my personal skills in the field, and as well take my business to another profitable level, until the day my friend gave this great treasure as a gift. In fact, the book opened a new phase and shaped my knowledge of digital marketing. And it has greatly created a huge impact on my digital marketing efforts. I am happy to a beneficiary of this intellectual treasure!

Chee R.

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