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How to Find a Remote Social Media Manager - Social Media Outsourcing

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Social media manager remote - DEGOM Marketing

Social media was just a platform for leisure and passing time not to long ago, and for some it still is. The ones that know the power of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc., used them to influence and inform people about their next product or goal. These social media platforms have changed the way marketing is implemented in the professional world and will forever lay their mark as the "new form of marketing".

For the ones that have taken notice or started to are now reaping the benefits of these social networking giants. Many businesses can vouch to their success just by the sole cause of using a social platform to get their advantage. Whether you are on these platforms to generate sales, increase relevancy, or bring wandering eyes to your business, in today's age you need to have your business on these platforms in order to stay ahead of the trends. It is time to branch out from your email marketing campaigns.


Find a Remote Social Media Manager That Works With You

Your social media manager may not have to come into your office every day; he or she might even be a full-time remote worker, but what's necessary is that this person be willing to collaborate with you. Unless you are a business that does not know much about social media, hence why you are trying to hire one in the first place! Your social media manager needs to be part of your team, and incorporating them on your plans or next product launch will be a vital action you want to take.

From the first contact you get with your potential manager or agency, check their communication skills. If they are diligent and are willing to work with you from the beginning, those are good signs that you want to look out for. A bad sign is if they rarely communicate with you or have a very slow response time. Some social media managers are busier than others, but the right ones will find time for you.

social media outsourcing - DEGOM Marketing
Collaboration is key to your social media success.

Is Your Social Media Manager Good at Writing?

A very simple requirement yet highly required attribute your social media manager NEEDS are savvy writing skills. Most of what a social media manager does is write, write and write some more. The need to write catchy words in order to bring in your potential audience or even your loyal ones. Make sure to ask your manager or agency to see some previous work, so that you can gauge on what you are working with.

An awesome social media manager knows that to grow engagement, it’s not just about posting a attractive image online. The manager has to be able to additionally demonstrate a captive writing technique. He or she has to convince users to buy, or at least engage with the post, in just a few short sentences.

Social media remote content creation - DEGOM Marketing
Will their writing influence your audience?

Is Your Candidate Analytical?

An effective social media manager does not just keep your social media profiles relevant; he or she constantly strives to improve your online presence. Having an analytical drive is a major factor in a social media manager. It means always being on the lookout for strategies your company can use, to enhance your social media presence.

If you manager uses social media tools to help analyze your progress, this is a great sign. Some might not be willing to share that information, but it would never hurt to ask them what they use to keep track of information. Having someone that knows your goals and is willing to put in the time to make you a great report when the time comes will be a great sign of a winning candidate.

How Organized Is Your Social Media Manager?

In order for your work to come out how you want it and on time is through your social media manager, right? That means your manager has to be on top of all the content he or she creates or curates for you. This can be very overwhelming for some managers and that can lead to a disaster.

If you manager has good organizational skills, it will transfer on to their work. Whether it is putting all your content into a Google Docs drive and allowing you to have full access to it. Or having a set calendar to publish each post will be a big part for your social media conquest.

social media marketing outsourcing
Posting the right content on the right time will lead you to better results.

Do They Understand Your Brand?

A social media presence that does not match your brand's image will confuse your audience or already loyal customers. Even though a social media manager might have engaging and innovative ideas for your Instagram or Facebook account, this person has to align with your business goals. If he or she doesn’t get that, this individual won't be a good fit for your aspirations for business.

Finding the right manager is like getting into a relationship, a very professional one. Read the signs and see if they will be the right fit for you, whether it is their great writing skills, their excellent content they produce, social media marketing tactics or if they perfectly align with your business.

Some managers need time to actually get to know your business, so do not knock them out of the race. One or two weeks will give you the right amount of time to figure out if they will be your next social media manager.


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