8 Proven Ways to Get Free Advertising For Any Business - Tested

Free Advertising Tips For Any Business

Many business owners may become frustrated with their advertising tactics as the budget can often limit the number of people reached with their ads. Most of these individuals, unfortunately, are on the brink of giving up or just trying to find new ways to advertise without breaking the bank.

So is it possible to actually advertise for free?

Of course!

There are a numerous amount of free business advertising routes online today that allow businesses to get more out of their budgets. These free channels supplement paid advertising to improve brand awareness, increase leads, and boost conversions. When you include some of these proven tactics in your digital marketing strategy, you can drastically cut down on advertising costs. Plus, who does not like FREE things, especially when it can completely change your business trajectory!

Reading on, we’ll talk about a few options for the digital marketing efforts you have at your disposal that are completely free. We love to see your work thrive, and especially small to medium-sized businesses. Take advantage of this article and the vast amounts of information on the internet to boost your business endeavors!


1. Blogging

Of course, this would be the first free advertising tactic you can use for your business! Posting content on a business blog or any other type of blog for that matter is a great digital marketing strategy that can be 100% free to utilize. Sites like Wix and Blogger.com allow you to get started with a blog completely free. You can set up your blog and start posting content instantly.

Tip: Make sure you have a great site for your visitors to browse while they read your blog post!

For a small fee, you can set up a blog with your custom domain. We recommend doing this as it helps you build your brand and gives you a place to drive traffic. This will be a huge factor if you plan on doing this in the long run. If you already have a website, you can add a blog section to your current site where you will publish new blog posts for your leads and visitors to read.

Now comes the hard part, it’s time to start creating content for your blog. For the best results, you’ll want to publish content consistently. The more often you can publish new posts, the better results you will get, which will be general business traffic and SEO.

Not sure where to begin? Can't find a topic to write about? Well, we have the perfect free solution for this. Check out this site called Buzzsumo.com. This site is being used by industry-leading businesses, and it is free! Just do some brainstorming and see what your target audience would enjoy, type in some topics using Buzzsumo and you will be writing in no time!

Advertise for free using blog posts
Above is an example of how Buzzsumo works.

2. Create a Google My Business Page to Optimize for Local Search

If not the best way to get free business advertising is by claiming and working on your Google My Business (GMB) Page. GMB listings are a free business listing tool that helps you improve visibility on Google Search and Google Maps within your area of business. If you run a business that requires your customers or clients to visit your facility, claiming your Google My Business page is a requirement to build additional searches and awareness.

Google My Business is a proven first step taken by thousands of businesses that want improvement on their reach online within the local market audience. By optimizing your GMB listing and making sure that all of your information is complete, you can help improve your rankings for local search results. Even if you do not have a brick and mortar type of facility, it is still paramount that you make a Google My Business page. This will provide better brand authority for your industry and gives an added layer of authenticity.

Here’s an example of what a Google My Business listing looks like on the search engine:

3. Add Your Business on Yelp & Other Review Sites

Similar to Google My Business, Yelp can be a great avenue for free advertising. You want to be in as many places as possible to improve your online visibility and increase your reach. With this being said, you need to look for other opportunities to include your business information on online platforms, especially trusted and recognized online entities.

Yelp is a popular choice for businesses that want to increase their online reach for free. If you are not familiar with Yelp, it is an online review site that consumers use to get recommendations on everything from restaurants to barbershops. Your customers can go on Yelp to leave your business a star-rating and written review that other users can see when they look up your business on Yelp.

Using this free advertising route can be a perfect way to establish credibility among your local competition. Do not be fooled into Yelp being solely just for local business searches, how many times have you caught yourself searching up places to go or eat when you are researching a place to visit?

Using Yelp for free business advertising
Send your repeat customers to review you on Yelp to build your reputation.

There is a variety of other business listing sites that help you build a profile or listing for your business for free. Some globally recognized listing sites that you should look into including Better Business Bureau(not free), YP.com, and FourSquare. You could also consider industry-specific sites like Angie’s List,