This Is Why Your Business Should Sell On Amazon

Amazon Pay-Per-Click Management


If you have not noticed by now, the online retail market is dominated by The e-commerce giant had nearly $178 billion (USD) net sales in 2017, according to Statista, a jump of close to $42 billion from 2016 net sales. These couple of sentences should have already convinced you to get on the train before it sets off without you. If your business isn't part of the marketplace, you would want consider reading a long to find out how we can give you some insights. Hopefully we can help you start your new journey or help you grow.

Help Sell On Amazon


The Basics

As you start off, you can sell your products on Amazon within just a few easy steps. Most people that have a 9-5 and are leveraging Amazon to start their own business can be a bit fearful of the whole process. Being fearful is all part of this process. If you have an income and have less time than most people, using Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) plan will help you out the most. If you list yourself as a professional, you'll pay Amazon $39.99 a month, in addition to other selling fees. If you sell as an individual, you'll pay Amazon $0.99 per sale, plus other selling charges. By doing things yourself you are responsible for customer service, shipping etc. which can be very time consuming.

With Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, business program, you'll pay Amazon different fees and mostly for convenience. The FBA program takes on logistical tasks for your business, such as storing your products in fulfillment centers, packaging, shipping your orders, and customer service. How much the FBA program will cost you depends on your product's size and weight, along with the type of FBA services you use, you can expect to pay 6 to 20 percent of your sale, with 15 percent being the typical amount the retailer takes. Make sure you pick the right product(s) to sell and or know how to advertise the right way by taking advantage of social media.

There are other benefits to consider with the FBA program, too.