10 Guaranteed Local SEO Solutions to Rank Higher

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Wondering how a local SEO strategy helps bring in traffic to your business? We will explain the four most important factors of ranking locally on search engines.

Local SEO Solutions to rank higher

One important and obvious goal for local businesses is to bring in more eyes and customers. Sadly, most do not know how to search engine optimize, let alone find local SEO solutions for their site in order to rank high on Google and Bing.

There are 5 sure-fire ways to start ranking locally for your business and start bringing in additional traffic. We made this short and sweet so you, the reader can have a better understanding of local SEO.


1. Put Your Business on Google My Business

First to do on our list is creating a Google My Business account. GMB is a directory and probably the most known one out on the internet now. It is certainly important enough to be #1 on our list and for a good reason.

For starters, it's Google. The name alone is an indication of its value.

To get on GMB, you'll have to go through a verification process that involves you getting an envelope in the mail. Isn't it strange that Google out of all companies sends actual mail to your mailbox? Google wants to make sure that you're the business owner and not an impostor who's just pretending to be the business owner.

Once you've confirmed that you're the owner, it's time to get working on your GMB page. Add a description of your business, category, hours, and other related info. All this information is vital for people to be able to know you before making that first initial contact.

2. Get on Bing Places for Your Business

There are a few other search engines out there sprouting around, but we have to mention Google's main competitor on our list, Bing.

Bing has its own version of Google My Business, called Bing Places for Business. Head on over if you have not done so already and do exactly what you'd do for a GMB listing and you should be ranking locally in no time!

3. Have All Your Business Listings Identical