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Best Company to Buy Instagram Followers | Top 10 List

How do I buy organic followers on Instagram

The most common question people are faced with when they are looking to increase their follower count on Instagram is "How much does it cost to buy followers on Instagram?"

Most companies that sell followers on Instagram charge either to high or just way to low that you question their legitimacy. You research on the best companies to buy Instagram followers, yet you still are lost and confused on whether to buy from company A or B.

Let's face it, having a substantial amount of followers as a business or even an individual will solidify social proof and ultimately make you a trusty worthy icon in the social media community.

Good news is, way established our top 10 best companies to buy Instagram followers that have gotten great reviews, trusted feedback, and proved to have the best active and real followers. Let's get to it.


How these social media marketing services work: 

The social media marketing services or packages promote your content to a specific target audience in order to promote your product, business or social media account. Depending on what you want to accomplish in regarding to social media, increasing follower count will be a huge asset to have when you want to build a great brand awareness.

We carefully analyzed every follower supplier to ensure the quality and sustainability that each offers. We did investigating so you don’t have to. our list contains only the best social media follower suppliers in the world. These companies not only allow you to buy Instagram followers but also, Instagram likes and views.

Can you buy legit Instagram followers

With packages starting as low as $2.60 for 100 followers, InstaFollowers comes with deals that fits anyone's budget and pocket. One can buy cheap Instagram followers at competitive rates from InstaFollowers.

With other competitive companies providing the same services for anywhere between roughly $3-5 for 100, some do not even have the luxury of even offering such a custom package. InstaFollowers is a clear go to for custom options. InstaFollowers is quick and professional when it comes to delivering your order.

Additionally, InstaFollowers guarantees:

  • Fast delivery

  • Premium quality

  • Mobile friendly

  • Their 24/7 available customer support

Their team provides your additional followers, likes and or views in a timely manner that will look very legitimate and not spammy.


Social media marketing services

Skeweezer has made a name for itself as a top attraction to buy Instagram followers. The company is increasingly gaining a fan base with some amazing deals. Their super affordable deals is making them popular among people who want to build a solid brand awareness in no time. They offer:

  • Packages as low as $49 for 5000 Instagram followers (real and active)

  • Secure payment with different methods

  • Great deals that not only include added followers but likes and views

  • Quick delivery which will reflect within minutes on your profile

  • Exceptional customer service

With promises of real time followers and instant delivery, Skeweezer looks like a clear choice if you are looking for a package deal for your Instagram account.


Best social media follower buyer

One of our personal favorites that many in the Instagram community often always go to. BuzzDays takes the gold for Instagram follower pricing. Offering 100 followers for just $1.89 dollars, this will definitely be the cheapest option for you and the best bang for your buck. They guarantee:

  • Premium followers

  • Quick and timely delivery

  • Great customer support

  • Safe and secure payments options like PayPal

Their packages are the cheapest in the marketplace right now and you will be hard pressed to find a cheaper option. Making this our top pick if you are looking to get rock bottom deals.


Buy Instagram followers

KickLiker promises to deliver what is you ask for, a paid promotion services. Offering a stunning site design and user friendly interface, you will be attracted to buying some of their services. KickLiker will provide an instant delivery of results, as well as satisfying your follower craving.

  • Bonus offers

  • Reliable service

  • Easy buying process

If you are someone who is looking for a shout out about your product or services to quality accounts and if you are someone who is banking on this for building the credibility and product image, then you came to a good place to start.


Boost Instagram followers

One of the most straight forward websites to gain followers on Instagram. The name says it all and they aim to provide their quality services. GainFollowers solely is dedicated to selling Instagram followers and like, this is one of the most trusted sites to get you up on the ladder of fame. GainFollowers specializes in Instagram service packages only and aims at giving you targeted quality followers. It also includes:

  • Very Customized package deals starting as low as $8.85 for 300 followers

  • On time delivery

  • Exceptional customer support

  • Straight forward service

They promise real time, high quality followers which what you need to get that image you desire on the social space.


How go get free Instagram followers

The only European follower service on our list, Superviral. Superviral is a proven and trusted service that has been providing Instagram services since 2012. Many Instagram users in the UK use their services when trying to buy followers. They are not only selling followers, they also offer likes, as some competitors on this list. Fortunately, Superviral delivers their services in blazing fast speed.

  • 24/7 customer support

  • United Kingdom based

  • Quick delivery 24/7

  • Safe and secure payments, accepting credit cards

If you are feeling skeptical and this is your first time trying to buy any likes or followers, give Superviral a try. We recommend these guys, especially for Europe based individuals or businesses.


Buy instagram views now

InstaBoostGram has been an underdog over the years but do not take that wrong. They offer the same if not better services than any other competitor in the marketplace. InstaBoostGram always has deals and coupon codes floating around so make sure to snag their deals before they vanish. Key takeaway:

  • 5,000 followers for $35.99

  • Privacy protection

  • 24/7 support


free trial for instagram followers

DigiSMM can be one of the best or the best option when you are shopping around for followers and are skeptical of who to pick. DigiSMM gives you the liberty of not only having the cheapest prices for followers we ever seen but also you can opt in for a free trial. DigiSMM includes:

  • 100 followers for $0.90

  • No sign ups

  • Instant delivery

Give this Instagram service provider a go and we assure you that you will not be dissatisfied.


Buy instagram likes

If you are looking for a combination of views, likes and followers, InstaPromote will help you. Offering competitive pricing these guys will help you achieve the brand awareness you want. If we had to make a list for best service to buy Instagram views, InstaPromote would be on top (we are working on the list!)

  • 100% safe

  • Safe PayPal payment

  • Quick service time


Best instagram followers company

Last but certainly not least. The most trusted and oldest Instagram follower, views and likes provider. Buzzoid promises that it is one of the best places to buy user engagement such as real and targeted Instagram followers in this highly competitive market.

Buzzoid has a nice sanctification guarantee culture which means if you lose some followers in the future, do not hesitate to reach out so Buzzoid can solve any issues.

Fast delivery and the promise of quality customer support, all this in an affordable price range makes it one of the better picks in terms of Instagram service providers. Buzzoid might not be the cheapest but can be classified as a luxurious pick.


We answer the most common questions when you are looking to buy followers on Instagram or any other related service just for you:

1. Is it worth it to buy Instagram followers?

Depending on your goal, we recommend buying Instagram followers to boost your awareness as fast as possible. If you want just engagement for your Instagram account we suggest using organic social media marketing tactics.

2. Will my engagement increase on Instagram?

The key to increasing overall activity is encouraging users to comments, like and follow you. One of the best ways to do this is using calls to action, meaning; engage your followers by utilizing descriptions that request specific actions. Actually talk to your audience and let them know you care.

3. How can I get more followers on Instagram for free?

If you search hard enough you will find a few gold mines that will offer you some free trials that will allow for free followers, free likes and free views. Our list sums up the best places to get these deals.

4. How can I grow real Instagram followers?

More companies and individuals are turning to social media management companies to increase their following on Instagram. However, not all companies are alike. Many low-end social media management services will offer you dead-end services, so make sure you find one that has an established brand.

5. Is buying from Instagram safe?

Yes, it is safe. Nowadays it is hard to find a well-established presence on social media, primarily Instagram that does not have some followers that were bought. Being banned on Instagram for buying followers is very rare and has never happened. Just make sure to start off slow when you purchase.

6. How much does it cost to buy followers on Instagram?

All these Instagram service providers have very competitive rates. Make sure to view our top 10 list to buy followers. Our two cents on this matter are to have a well-established presence already and when you feel that it is appropriate you can make the purchase to boost your following.

7. Does promoting on Instagram work?

Instagram helps businesses eyes on their posts through their promotions feature. Much like Google or Facebook Ads, you can accelerate your reach through a paid system. After having a well cemented Instagram page is when you can see a difference in engagement and brand awareness.


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