Branding Yourself and Your Business

When you think of a brand the first thing that probably comes to mind are big companies that have made a name for themselves through the years.

Branding Yourself & Your Business

Branding of a product should be viewed as the same thing. When you have a successful brand, it sets your product apart from your competition. You want your brand to be able to expand your customer base and increase your market share. The larger your customer base and market share the more powerful your brand will become.

There are many factors that go into making a brand successful and there are even more that go into keeping your brand successful. By learning the basic steps, you will be able to put your brand on the best possible path to success. You will find that marketing and branding go hand in hand. A good brand will help your marketing and strong marketing will help build a strong brand. It is up to you to do your homework to ensure that you make the right decisions to help your company build a strong brand.

Your goal is to build a brand that is the recognized leader in a given category. This makes the consumer want to be aligned with your brand and will seek it out at the store. It will give them the satification that they have made the correct decision for themselves and or their family when they purchase your brand.

Your Brand's Colors Matter

Along with having a logo that is easy to read and attractive to consumers, another decision that you will have to make is what color to make the packaging. This is another way for your brand to stand out against the competition, so choose wisely. Just as fonts can portray different meanings for your brand, color can do the same thing.

Red is a striking color that comes across as bold and fierce. Blue can be interpreted as serene and soothing; yellow is considered a neutral color with the other primary colors orange and green falling in between red and blue.

One of the most common practices that companies do when choosing a color for their packaging is to choose the direct opposite color from their closest competitor. Just look at Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Coca Cola is red Pepsi is blue, the direct opposite of each other. Some companies are so identified with a color you know what the product is just by seeing it.

Branding Yourself & Your Business

Ask anyone what the little blue box signifies and they will automatically tell you Tiffany’s. If you show a picture of yellow arches to consumers, they will instantly know that it is McDonald’s even without seeing the rest of the sign. Another example of a company that has made its brand synonymous with a color is UPS. They have even incorporated it into their advertising