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Cold Calling Case Study - Cold Call Examples

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Cold Call Examples

Cold calls are considerably important as a component of an overall sales strategy. How they are done, however, determines the success of cold calling. If the goal of the call is to gather data, distribute product information, start a dialogue, or make an appointment, the possibilities are that the outcomes will be less than successful: Cold Callers claim over 90% failure on their attempts when they do not know how to properly cold call.

If the seller can open the call with a purpose to create the means for buyers to discover their path in the area of the seller’s solution, to figure out who they should convene to begin a change process that leads them to their goal(and possibly purchase), and create a win/win collaboration with the seller that engages buyers and prospects to continue communicating, then you mastered cold calling.

Using current cold calling techniques, cold callers don’t recognize that the call is meant for them to get their own needs met. Sellers enter the call as if the buyer:

  1. Were sitting and waiting to hear from them with nothing else to do.

  2. Requires the solution regardless of their circumstances.

  3. Should respond fully and honestly to a stranger asking probing, invasive questions.

And worse of all, there is a high percentage of real buyers who won’t take the call because they either don’t want to speak to a stranger who wants to take their time, does not like the prying questions or the information push, or is not at the stage in their decision path that would enlist a solution or salesperson. Using other means of cold calling, these individuals could easily be brought on board for appointments with all of the decision-makers, or for continued calls of discovery and collaboration.

cold calling examples

Here are two miserable cold call examples. We took one of them and created a ‘good call’, read them all, and decide which is better.

#1 Cold Call Example

C: Hello, Sharon? Joe from DEGOM Marketing calling. How are you today?

SDM: Do you know if that’s my correct name?

C: I do know. It’s your name.

SDM: Really? Are you absolutely certain?

C: I am.

SDM: How can you be so certain?

C: Wait. Aren’t you Sharon? Is Sharon there?

#2 Cold Call Example

E: Hi. I’m calling from DEGOM Marketing. Is this Sharon?

SDM: Is this a cold call?

E: No. It might be a partnership call and I might be able to hire you as a speaker.

SDM: Cool. You should know, then, that my first name is Sharon Drew.

E: OK. I didn’t know that. But I know you’re a sales company and want to tell you about our coaching products.

SDM: Do you know who I am and what I do?

E: You’re the President of AMC. What else should I know?

SDM: So you didn’t do your homework. I’m a sales visionary, and for decades have been teaching a buy-in model I invented and teach to sales folks and coaches to give them the tools to help buyers make the change management decisions necessary to be ready to buy.

E: That’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to use our products also or tell your clients to use our products.

SDM: Wow. You’re still pushing without listening to what I said.

E: I’m not pushing. Just educating. After the cold caller hung up on her, she called me back three times to leave voice messages!

These calls really happened. You can see the lose/lose here, the discourtesy, and the hidden opportunity. Do you know how your sales team is making their cold calls? Have you ever contemplated adding unique skills that would facilitate a real collaboration?

cold call case studies
Realize everyone is busy. Study your target audience and when the best time to cold call would be.

This is the ideal cold calling example and what it would look like if you used DEGOM Marketing for your cold calling:

E: Hello. My name is Ellen from DEGOM Marketing, and I’m selling coaching products. This is a cold call. Is this a good time to speak?

SDM: Yes, I have a few moments, but I’m not in the market for coaching products. I sell some myself and use a unique coaching model I developed that probably wouldn’t work with a more mainstream coaching solution.

E: Interesting. I wonder if you ever partnered with other companies for those times you find groups with other innovative solutions.

SDM: I would be very interested. What do I need to do to find out if there is a partnership possibility here? It goes beyond whether or not I like your solution, as there are general criteria on both sides that need to be met. What do you suggest?

E: Well, we could start with introducing each other to our solutions on this call, and if we both like what the other has, then I would set up a conference call with one of our principles. And a good question for us both to answer might be: What would we each need to see from the other to know if we have the content and the sincerity to consider a partnership of some kind? If it makes sense, we can go from there. Does that work for you?

If you do not sell, see if you can have a collaboration if you are working with B2B. And we expanded what might be possible, added in a bit of sincerity, and everyone brought their best game – all on a cold call.

This was also the business we worked with, that increased their lead count by 179%, increased their revenue by 73% versus the previous year’s total metrics, saved $3,000 a month by reducing their workforce and saved themselves countless hours.

If you ever want your cold calls to:

  • Promote a collaborative dialogue that’s win-win.

  • Facilitate decision-making change, buying, and honesty.

  • Make appointments that include the necessary decision-makers.

  • Teach your buyers how to consider working with you on the first call.

Consider using our cold calling services with your sales team (it works with all industries). We use unique questions and listening, that opens discussions that enable innovation, collaboration, and potentially buying.


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