Coronavirus Advertising - What is it & How to Effectively Use it

It was not long ago when we were sitting in restaurants with family or going to a local bar with some friends, many people miss this, including businesses. These businesses being hit the hardest are forcefully finding new ways to adapt using coronavirus advertising tactics.

These tactics include but are not limited to using social media marketing, TV ads, search engine marketing, or any other advertising avenue to bring your business message, services, and products in front of your costumers with a relatable or comforting message in regards to the coronavirus.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many countries and companies have eliminated large crowds gatherings and encouraged people to work-from-home, these shifts are having a huge effect on consumer behavior. We will show what these shifts are, what businesses are thriving and how you may adapt.

Advertising During the Coronavirus - What is Happening

According to 74% of media buyers, planners, and brands, Coronavirus will have a greater impact on advertising than the 2008 financial disaster.

  • 70% of buyers have already arranged or paused their planned ad spend, while 16% is still deciding what actions to take.

  • Almost a quarter (24%) of respondents have put a halt all advertising spend during Q1 and Q2, while 46% indicated they have adjusted their ad spend for the same time duration.

  •  73% of buyers are indicating that the coronavirus will have an influence on the Upfront 2020/2021 spend commitments and expect a 20% decrease in Upfront spend vs their original plan.

  • In the near quarter, digital ad spend is down 33% and traditional media is down 39%

  • The majority (63%) of businesses have already modified the messages they are promoting in-market, increasing:

  • Mission-based marketing (+42%)

  • Cause-related marketing (+41%)

  • More than a third (35%) of businesses are focusing on their in-market tactics and are increasing:

  • Audience targeting (+38%)

  • OTT / CTV device targeting (+35%)

  • 32% of businesses are turning to social media advertising

These numbers should show you what you need to do for your business and how to adjust to the trends.

What Industries are Flourishing During the Pandemic