Effective Corporate Marketing Tactics

Corporate marketing

Corporate Marketing has to do with how a organization/company conducts marketing versus product marketing which is more focused on selling specific products to a consumer. 

Corporate marketing goes hand in hand with Branding which is essentially how a company portrays itself to their customers. This includes logo, taglines, colors, content distribution and outlets, company mission, vision, value proposition for the company etc.

Every company practices corporate marketing in some type of form whether they know it or not. Different marketing tactics can lean towards corporate marketing such as social media marketing, promotional advertising, broadcast advertising, public relations and so on. 

For example, a video with a spokesman that is distributed to the public which is talking about the company is corporate marketing, which many people would think it is product marketing. Public relations is in the corporate marketing realm, as it is more about the overall company and for companies that have investor relations. 

Ultimately, marketing that has more to do with corporate image and marketing the overall company versus the product(s) it is selling falls under corporate marketing.

The difference between large and small businesses is that corporate marketing is a lot more defined, executed and much more capitol is involved in a big business. In many cases there are separate groups that handle this and formulate an effective corporate marketing strategy.  In small businesses, it is about understanding how to berth the brand and gain credibility as a company versus just selling individual products or services.

Corporate marketing plays a huge part in the longevity of a business. Successful campaigns, have enormous impacts that cause a brand to remain in the cultural consciousness for decades. Here are a couple of tactics many businesses practice that you could use for your organization.


How to develop an effective Corporate Marketing Strategy

The initial step in developing a corporate marketing strategy is defining the objectives clearly. Who does the company want to reach, and what kinds of messages appeal to this target audience? Is the goal to generate more traffic to a website? To increase online sales? Is it to make consumers aware of the organization using brand awareness tactics such as embedding a logo on a globally recognized sports team?

Corporate marketing strategy