Social Commerce: Changing eCommerce Fast

What is social commerce? Social eCommerce is when social media platforms are used to make more personalized and targeted shopping experiences for customers.

definition of social commerce

Most purchase journeys have too many unnecessary steps in the conversion funnel.

Each one massively increases the chance your potential customers are going to abandon their purchase and leave your store forever.

The problem lies in poor execution of social advertising tactics and unnecessary funnels.

We’re too concerned with making sales through cheap tactics instead of solving consumer problems, wants and needs.

We will tell you this upfront, you only need two things to create a successful online business.

  • A product that helps people solve a problem.

  • A product that satisfies the needs or wants of a person.

  • A streamlined purchase journey. One that makes it easy to purchase, without any obstacles in the transaction process.

First, you have to examine how you can use technology to create a better customer experience. Social media by far is one of the most popular platforms to increase sales for an online business, hence the rise of Social eCommerce.

  • There are 1.47 billion daily active users on Facebook alone.

  • 60% of Instagram users say they find new products on Instagram (so it makes complete sense to also sell them on the platform).

  • 30% of online shoppers say they would be likely to make a purchase from a social media network like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat.

  • Social Media Messenger sales are massively outperforming the current ROI champion of email.

Your audience is on these social media platforms and they want to purchase through those networks.

The smartest option would be to implement a social commerce strategy that engages users where they are and turns their social media engagement directly into sales!