Use Instagram For Business Like a Professional

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Why use Instagram for your business if it was created for people to socialize and share their photos?

Why use Instagram for business

That may have been its originally intended purpose, however, did you know that many businesses are now using it as a sales funnel? Many businesses are using it to help reach their sales goals.

Currently, there are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram and that number is still growing. That’s 1 billion customers for your business to potentially target! So how can you utilize this platform and a huge audience to get your business to the next level?

Read on to learn how you can do this like a professional!


Why Use Instagram? 

You can easily name five different social media platforms out now so why use Instagram? Instagram is considered to be the best social media platform for engagement or your ability as a brand to connect with your followers. It is also the best brand to engage with the upcoming generation.

In addition to showing your followers compelling photos, you can create a social media profile that highlights your brand’s mission and goals, show your products and capture leads and sales. Having a solid business profile will set you up for success!


Instagram's claim to fame and the reason why it is so successful today is because of photos. Instagram obviously emphasizes photos more than any other social media platform, arguably as much as Pinterest.

With Facebook, there are posts, comments, articles and irrelevant information that might allow followers to skip over a simple photo. But with Instagram, the main event is your photo and the message it will convey, make sure it goes above and beyond.


What this means is that it needs to be a high-quality photo that makes your followers think. An image that someone that is causally browsing the app or scrolling will be intrigued. Your photos need to stop them in their tracks long enough to engage with your post, read your caption or click through to your website if you are running a social m