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15 Benefits of PPC Advertising | Why Businesses Should Be Using Google & Microsoft Ads to Grow

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

15 benefits of PPC advertising

Want to know the importance of PPC advertising?

This short and to the point list will allow you to better understand the world of Pay-per-Click and utilize this form of advertising to your full advantage.

Small businesses and especially large businesses are using PPC & search engine marketing to increase sales.

PPC advertising, or Pay-per-Click advertising, is often referred to as Google advertising, Bing advertising and or search engine advertising. PPC ads appear on search engines, above the organic search results.

The position your ad placement will be depending on how much you bid, the keyword you are targeting, the type of keyword (phrase, broad or exact) and the relevancy of the ad to the end user.

Below we conjured up 15 benefits of ppc advertising. If you are looking for professional help and guidance with this field or related marketing services we recommend checking our Search Engine Marketing Services

You are losing money every day your business is not advertising on Google or other related search engines. There is a famous quote that you may heard of from someone quite famous it goes:

"A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time" - Henry Ford


1. Millions of people are searching for what you offer

There are over 2 billion people online. 93% of online activities start on a search engine. There are 40,000 searches every second, and 3.5 billion searches per day. This data shows you how much potential ppc advertising can do for you.

Sure, there might be a lot of competition... then again what industry does not have any competition? We believe that the more competition shows how much the market needs whatever it is you are competing for. Search engine marketing sets you apart from them all.

A recent study has shown that Pay-per-Click advertising is one of the top three sources for on page conversions. Did you know that 65% of the users who are really in the lookout to purchase something click these paid ads? And 75% of users who are searching for something – whether it be a product or service – will visit the store that they find within that day?

2. PPC advertising will bring in insane website traffic

PPC advertising can boost your website traffic in an enormous rate if done properly. You can drive thousands of clicks to your website by using tricks and tactics that we use. The best part is that the people who are clicking on your ads are people who are sincerely interested in your business.

Some businesses are aware of this method to drive traffic to their website to get immediate results but do not have the know how to get their CPC (Cost-Per-Click) down. One answer: Long-Tail Keywords.

how to lower keyword cost in PPC
Finding the right keywords can save you a lot of time and money.

3. PPC Advertising is easily measured and tracked

PPC advertising is by far one of the easiest ways to measure advertising spend and where it is going to. You can track which ads, keywords, or ad placements that are working the best. You can install conversion tracking to track a number of conversions you are receiving. This data will allow you to switch things around and customize your advertising efforts to how you like. Having a PPC management team member or agency can be vary helpful.

4. Pay-per-Click puts you in-front of your customers

Imagine walking into a store and as soon as you walk-in, you find what you were looking for. This is how PPC advertising works. Your advertisements appear above the organic search results. Being one of the first options customers see will give you a huge edge. Paid clicks outnumber organic clicks by nearly 2 to 1.

Using PPC for small shops
Think of your ad as a piece of your shop or business on the internet that can be seen by thousands.

5. PPC is great for SEO building

The data accumulated from PPC advertising can help you build your SEO strategy. PPC advertising will help you identify the search keywords that are most valuable to your business. The value will be determined by the search keywords that are driving the most conversions and traffic to your business.

Not only that, it is shown that Google favors pages that drive in a lot of traffic. By creating a PPC campaign that allows for people to browse your website page will make your page gain authority and ultimately better ranking on search engines.

6. PPC advertising is a proven offline advertising technique

PPC advertising can drive offline sales and has been used by millions of businesses around the world. If you have a physical location, your customers are likely to come into your store after seeing one of your ads on the internet. Although there were no transactions made, this allowed for your business to be implanted in their heads. This trend is likely to increase as customers rely on search engines and social media to guide their purchasing decisions.  

7. PPC is used by every successful business... even your competitors

Chances are if you typed in some keywords on the web you will find a successful competitor, there is a reason why they are using PPC... because it works! Your competitors are using PPC advertising to grow their business day by day. If you are not advertising on search, you are forfeiting sales and market share to your competition. Yes, it could be costly but you need to take into account all the revenue to be made when you snag that search user.

8. PPC advertising brings in premium traffic

Traffic on search engines is the best traffic you can find on any platform out there, even social media. Why? Because people are actually searching for what you offer. You do not have to force anything to your potential audience, just show them what you offer and make sure to have a persuasive landing page(s).

Best ppc advertising strategy
Make sure your ad copy antagonizes a click from the searcher with an offer they can not turn down.r

9. PPC ads are formatted better than organic results

This may be bias but, PPC ads look better than organic results on the web. You have more options that will help you generate more results. These options help you add more value to searchers. A few examples would be the ability to install call tracking, site links, special offers, insights and customer reviews on your PPC advertisements.

10. PPC advertisement lets you inform your potential audience

A great example is this article, we tell you exactly why Pay-Per-Click is crucial for the longevity of your business and or any business. This information will guide you to start implementing and or improving your PPC efforts. This article will even give us new clients that need help with their search engine marketing and increase sales and other related goals.

A perfect practice is if you have a website, make an article similar to this one that relates to your industry and make sure their is a call to action. After this is done go on your Google ads and Microsoft ads account and start advertising that article on there, thank us later!

11. Pay-per-Click is hyper targeted

PPC advertising is hyper targeted. Just like organic search, you can target by keywords. However, using this fast traffic booster, you will have more advanced forms of targeting options. You can target your ads at any location around the world (just make sure your ads translate in that language!) which is a common mistake. You can target hundreds of keywords at the same time. You can also target people by their online behaviors and interests. Organic traffic is always great but does not have the luxury of picking out its visitors.

12. PPC should increase brand recognition and awareness

PPC advertising will build your brand image. In other words, PPC advertising will help people become aware of your brand. Awareness is important because your website visitors may not always be ready to purchase. However, if you have ads displayed in different fronts that your buyers eyes will be, chances are they will have you in mind once the second or third time comes around and they are ready to make a transaction.

13. Gain market share

Search is about being in the eyes of your customers and clients. Gain market share by being taking part in paid search. If you are not an option on the results, your customers will never know about you on the most known platform on the planet. Unless they scroll to page 15 of Google. Just keep in mind that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.

14. Helps you compete with the larger businesses

We all know the businesses that try to drive up CPC to weed out the competition. Fortunately, there are opportunities to compete with large competitors on PPC. You can target less popular, niche keywords that your competitors are missing. You can run your ads at different times. If you think outside the box, you can gain that business that no one is searching for.

15. Spend is controllable and adjustable

When it comes to setting an advertising budget, this will always depend on your goal. With PPC advertising, you set your budget in anyway you like. You can easily increase your budget or decrease it. The good thing about PPC is that you only pay for actions. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. This means that if you run an ad that reaches 1,000 people, but no one clicks it, there is not cost to you.

Do you have questions about Pay-per-Click or would like to add on to this list please contact us so we can accommodate in anyway. We hope you enjoyed this article about PPC and are excited to see your goals!


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