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5 Ways On How to Land a Social Media Marketing Internship

how to get an internship fast

It can be hard finding a job that does not require a certain amount of experience, especially in well established industries. Fortunately, social media and social media marketing is relatively a new work space and you can certainly take advantage of this.

Obtaining any internship in any industry requires a bit of persistence and luck, a social media agency internship requires both but can be quite to land an internship easy if you know where and how to look.

Most companies looking for an intern will give a base hourly wage or even require some interns to pass a probation period in order to qualify for any income. Nonetheless, depending on your financial standpoint and or if you have had prior experience will determine what company will be the best fit for you.


What does a social media marketing intern do?

Being a social media agency intern is exciting and especially if you are in one that is thriving. The tasks can very depending on if the company only works primarily with social media marketing or if they offer different services such as search engine marketing, search engine optimization services and so on.

For the sake of this article we will talk about the tasks a social media marketing intern will face.

Most companies specializing in social media will normally work on 3-4 top social platforms which are; Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The short answer of the tasks you would be assigned to do and not limited would be:

  • Creating content.

  • Managing all designated social media accounts.

  • Creating marketing campaigns on Facebook Manager.

  • Creating a calendar for your social media activities.

  • Taking numerous amounts of photos.

  • Writing on blogs.

  • Making analytic reports for all social media accounts.

  • Getting coffee, of course.

There are many more tasks a company in this industry will assign to you. These are the ones that we ask our interns to accomplish with their time in our digital marketing agency.

Facebook ads agency internship
Be upfront with what platforms you are familiar with, agencies are always looking out for new social platforms to pioneer.

1. Ask family and friends for any career opportunities

Does your father's company have an internship program? Does your best friend's dad own a large company that is looking for an intern? Many people don't think to ask their family members, friends and acquaintances to help them with career-related topics. Reach out to your friend's friend or that person you met the other day at that bar that said he has a marketing firm. You never know where to conversation might take you.

2. Search internship opportunities on Google

Well chances are you found this article on Google, we are betting you can find an internship using Google or even Bing. Just get creative with what you put on the search bar, for example type; "social media agency internship NY" or "social media manager internship Miami". These focused keywords will bring you to possible internship opportunities. It will be up to you to send in your resume and see if these companies will find you a great fit!

3. Speak to a career counselor

If you are attending a college or university, your best bet is to speak to a designated counselor. Career counselors know where other students from your school are interning now or have interned before. They also work closely with on-campus recruiters from organizations in the area and even nationally. Using this scourer is invaluable and will most likely land you your internship and or even a job.

Networking for internship opportunities
Networking and attending as many events as possible can potentially give you the internship you have been wanting.

4. Browse internship directories

If make a visit to your school or library you can find someone that will certainly put you in the right direction. You'll easily find one or more internship directories listing internship programs at organizations around the US. Several companies publish these guides, including Society of American Archivists and The Internship Bible, 10th Edition. These sources are typically easy to use and read so you can search for internships by organization, field of interest and geographic location.

5. Using social media to get an internship

If you are looking for an internship and especially for a social media marketing one... what other place is better than social media itself? Many companies post on social media, follow the one you are aiming to be a part of. Make yourself known by commenting on and liking their posts, even give them a direct message.

social media agency internship
Pick which platform you will be using to speak to the company and make yourself known.

Tell them you want to help out, even for free and be genuine with your intentions. Many companies will not turn down free help, the circumstance will not only benefit you by giving some experience under your belt but also the company gaining a helping hand.

Interning can be a perfect opportunity for you to find out whether you would be a great fit for your desired industry. Make sure you make a list of the possible companies you would like to intern for and keep being a part of their community by interacting with their current social media platforms or events they have. You will be surprised in what the outcome will be.


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